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Quality Assurance

We have been successfully meeting all the necessities of our valued clients with quality products like Probiotic Dietary Supplements, Probiotic Supplements, Lacto Care, Amino Acids, Multistrain Probiotic, etc. We always take extra endeavor when it comes to the quality standards of our products. We have employed a team of quality experts, who carries out all the quality checks using latest quality testing equipment. They use advanced technology Fermenters to test the quality of the products. Our experts test all the end products as per the national and international quality norms to ensure the delivery of the best.

Product Range

Agri Products

Bio Peptisides

Bio Agri Inputs

Bio Fertilizers





ProBioTic Feed Supplement


Aqua Products

Algal Bloom Control Probiotic

Multistrain Probiotic

Feed Probiotic

Growth Promoter for Shrimp

pH Regulator

Probiotic for Soft Shell or Loose Shell for Shrimp

Soil and Water Probiotics

Nutrient Increasing Probiotic

Anti Lice for Fish


ProBiotics List Humans











Bio remidation 1

Bio remidation 1

Manufacturing Units

We have developed two advanced manufacturing units situated in Miyapur and IDA Bollarum industrial estate near Hyderabad, India. Both the facilities are located in a declared chemical zone and well connected by road for easy transportation of end products from the city in Hyderabad. We have installed high tech manufacturing machines and tools in the production house so that we can develop the best. Moreover, from time to time, we update the machines and tools to keep ourselves updated from the ongoing technology advancement. Both the units are headed by a team of professionals working hard to meet the different needs of the clients.

Research and Development

We boast of a state-of-the-art technology R & D unit that helps us to keep ourselves updated with the varying technology, and production methods. Our outstanding team of research and development enables us to produce new products and enhance the quality of the existing range. Our research and development team comprises of trained researchers, scientists, lab experts, etc. They know every aspect of the manufacturing process of biotech products making us able to develop premium Agrochemicals & Pesticides.

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